Colloidal Silver 10 PPM

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We recommend our micro particle colloidal silver generator to optimize your healthy.


This  high voltage method produces the smallest silver particles without the  presence of ions. The critical factors that make a "good" colloidal  silver product are particle size, purity and concentration. We use over 15,000 volts AC to create an underwater plasma arc in nothing but pharmaceutical grade deionized water. The result is extremely small silver nanoparticles in the range of .024 to 2 nanometers in size.


• True Colloidal Silver containing 100% silver colloid

• Made with only the most pure 99.998 refined silver

• The smallest particle sizes for maximum bioavailability  

• BPA-free amber bottles for proper storage

• Infinite shelf life


HOW TO USE THIS PRODUCT: How Silver Intake Is Calculated

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a suggested Reference Dose (RfD) of 5 micrograms of silver per kilogram of body weight per day (5mcg/kg/day) from all sources, including drinking water.

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